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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet? A Guide Based on Your Home

If you have a big family, spend most of your time in your home, have pets to care for, it can really make you wonder, how often does carpet need to be cleaned? More specifically, you might find yourself asking how often the carpet needs to be vacuumed, shampooed, the entire works. Well, the answer to that question relies on several factors, including how much time you spend in your home, the environment you live in, how many people you live with, and much more. We walk you through by answering a few questions you might have in regards to carpet cleaning.

How Often Carpets Should Be…


The number of times you should have your carpet vacuumed will depend on the size of your family and how often you and your loved ones are home. If you and your family spend most of your time outside of your home than inside, it is best to have the carpet vacuumed at least once a week. For busier families or homebodies, it is considered to have carpets vacuumed at the very least, twice a week, three times a week might be best.


For a deeper clean and for killing bacteria, getting your carpet shampooed is vital. Carpet shampooing is recommended to be done every twelve months for the average household. Of course, this schedule can vary depending on what exactly is going on in your home. If traffic is rather light, you can stick with the regular twelve months. If traffic is rather high in the house, it is best to get it done anywhere within a span of six to twelve months.

Cleaned with little ones in the house

Kids tend to bring in more dirt than anyone else in the household. Younger children and even older children are more inclined to also be bringing germs on them, leaving bacteria to grow within carpets. In order to clean up muddy messes and collections of dirt, carpets should be vacuumed every few days, if not daily. Shampooing and steam cleaning can be done every six months by a professional to keep your carpet fresh.

Cleaned if you have pets

If it’s not the kids bringing in dirt, pets will definitely be bringing in traces of mud, dirt, and much more from being outside. Not only can muddy paws and accidents stain your carpet, but there is also pet dander to consider. With pets, it is best to vacuum at least twice a week to keep up with hair and other elements your pet may be bringing in. Carpets should be steam cleaned every three to six months by a professional.

Cleaned if allergies are a concern

If you or a loved one has to tend to allergies, you have to be mindful of getting rid of allergens and dust, which can stay in carpets for years. Because these allergens can worsen and build up over time, shampooing should be done without a second thought. Carpets should be shampooed every two months to make the air in your home breathable for your family again. Anywhere from two to three months is optimal.

Cleaned if they are light-colored

If you have that sandy, light-colored carpet in your home, stains and splotches are much more visible. While these light-colored carpets may feel cozy in a home, they don’t fail to show all the dirt you bring in from outside. This means you will have to be diligent about cleaning your carpets, having to vacuum at least twice a week and have them professionally shampooed at least every six months. You can shampoo more if carpets tend to be dingy real quick.

Cleaned if they are high-traffic areas

Some areas of your home may have more traffic than others. The same applies to your carpet. Wherever you find yourself stepping and walking the most is where you have to treat your carpet the most. To ensure that your carpet gets the best treatment, shampooing and steam-cleaning should be done every three to six months, meaning carpets should be cleaned at least twice a year by a professional.

Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned, Contact Us!

Keeping up with home maintenance can be tough, but when you have a professional to regularly come in and tend to your home, you don’t have to worry. Learn more about the services that Complete Fire and Water has to offer to restore your home by contacting us.

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