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10 Signs Your El Paso Home May Need Emergency Plumbing

Wondering if you have an urgent issue with your plumbing? Most homeowners never expect to get emergency plumbing done for their home, but, in reality, no one does. This is exactly the problem. Oftentimes, small problems could have easily been taken care of. When they are not, they become emergencies at any given time or day. We provide all the signs you need to be aware of.

Bad, Sewage Odors

If you suddenly smell odors similar to rotten eggs, you could have one of two issues:

  • A gas leak

  • Or broken sewer pipes

If you do not notice any other signs of a gas leak, then it is most likely a sewage leak that you are looking at. This could cause major issues to the environment and to your health, so call a professional right away.

You Can Smell Gas

If you smell any kind of gas in your house, you should never take this lightly. Should you suspect you are dealing with a gas leak, it is important to take the following steps:

  • Have everyone in the home evacuated

  • Call a professional immediately

There could be two gases mixed together if you are able to easily pick up a smell. While you wait for a professional or emergency plumbing services, you can disable your gas and appliances in your home to prevent any further damage.

Gurgling Sounds

Should you ever hear weird noises coming from any of your water fixtures, including your toilet, shower, dishwasher, or laundry, there could be a much bigger problem. These gurgling sounds are often tied to backed-up water, which can play out horrifically. You should not allow this issue to go unattended for too long, especially if you continue to hear these noises.

Your Toilet is Overflowing

You should be concerned when your toilet is making unusual noises and especially when it starts to overflow. Even if you are managing the overflow, you should never hold off on this issue. You absolutely have to get emergency plumbing done if water is continually coming out of your toilet. Flooding, of course, can happen in many other areas of your home, so just be aware of this if you ever notice any flooding, no matter how minimal or severe.

Hot Water Isn’t Coming Out

Too many homeowners have experienced the inconvenience of no longer having warm water while showering. But if this is something that is happening regularly or if warm water is completely inaccessible, this is definitely a cause for concern. No matter what, call a professional so they can assess the issue right away.

Water Pressure is Low

You become accustomed to the water pressure in your home, so when something is off, you will definitely notice it right away. Poor water pressure can make everyday tasks such as showering, washing dishes, or even washing your hands much more difficult than before. Most emergency plumbers rarely come across these cases, but when it comes to frozen pipes or extremely cold weather, the risk rises dramatically.

Your Pipes are Frozen

Speaking of frozen pipes, any homeowner could find themselves dealing with these issues. Should an unexpected and very harsh cold front hit your city, you should have your pipes checked immediately after to ensure they are in working condition. Freezing temperatures can cause your pipes to expand and burst, which is why they should be assessed throughout the winter on a regular basis.

Leaks from Fixtures

Leaks can happen anywhere in a home, just like many other plumbing issues. Leaks are almost never small problems. They are, more often than not, tied to bigger issues such as malfunctioning or compromised pipes. It is never advised to assess the source of the problem on your own, so if you continue to notice leakages, call a professional as soon as you can.

Clogged Lines

Some homeowners are very well aware of when their lines are clogged. Clogged pipes or lines often lead to poor drainage in tubs and sinks. If your drains fail to clear water out, you should call a professional. It is strongly advised that you avoid drain cleaners because they can actually worsen existing issues. This can prevent major backups and more serious water clogs.

You Can Hear Water in Pipes

You may not only hear gurgling water sounds coming from your toilet, but you could also be hearing water in your pipes, if not from a direct source. You can also check for wet or brown spots on your floors, ceiling, or walls if you suspect leaks in your pipes. Wherever the leak is, you will usually notice warm water piling up. You can call emergency plumbing services to apply a quick fix before the damage worsens.

You Can Count on Our Professionals for Emergency Plumbing

We are El Paso's number one trusted business if you ever need sewer repair, pipe repair, water damage restoration, or any emergency plumbing services. If you have major concerns about your plumbing, you can get in touch with us by calling (915) 910-4209.

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