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An In-Depth Look at the Fire Restoration Process for Homeowners

The aftermath of a fire can leave you feeling like there is nothing you can do to restore your home. We understand how devastating and overwhelming the experience is. Thankfully, there are businesses that specialize in fire restoration, meaning they can return your home to pre-loss and pre-fire conditions.

With professionals like those at Complete Fire and Water, you can get your home back to normal. We take an in-depth look at the fire restoration process so you can familiarize yourself with each step.

What to Do Right After Your Home Suffers from Fire Damage

The first and most important thing to do after a fire is to get in touch with your insurance. When contacting them, ask about what you can do and what are the next steps to take. It is important to contact your insurance right away because the damage can lead to mold growth or a growing collection of water, which can cost more in repairs.

A Step-by-Step Process

Assessment of Damages

When you hire a professional fire damage restoration team, they will perform an assessment of the damage caused by the fire and look for water intrusion. An assessment looks at how far flames and smoke penetrated the structure of your home and how much clean-up will have to be done. In this step, professionals also determine what can be restored and should be discarded.

Securing the Property to Remove Debris

After an assessment has been performed, your fire restoration team will proceed by securing the property. A restoration team usually fences off the property, removes debris surrounding the perimeter, conceals openings in the structure, and seals off parts of the roof to protect what is left of the property from weather conditions.

A team will also seal off any areas in the home that were not damaged by the fire to minimize any contamination or further damage.

Removing Water, Drying the Property

A team continues the process by removing water and drying the property. This step is crucial in the process because any water that is left maximizes the risk of mold or corrosion. When drying out the property, personal items and property will temporarily be removed from the inside.

Damaged drywall, flooring, and other structural materials will be removed to their core if deemed necessary. Like this, a team has more access to your home to dry and clear up the water.

Clean Up and Smoke Removal

This is the part of the process that takes the longest. This step requires a lot of manual labor in order to properly clean smoke and soot from both interior and exterior surfaces. A team cleans every inch of a home to ensure that no smoke or soot is left behind.

After clean-up, a team uses deodorizing agents to remove any lingering odors from the smoke. Additionally, duct cleaning is done to remove soot, smoke, or debris that may have settled in the ducts.

If water damage was also done, a team may find it necessary to sanitize or apply antimicrobial agents to kill off or prevent mold growth. While cleaning up smoke and soot, any personal items that were temporarily packed up will be restored.

Construction and Restoration

The last part of the process is performing any fire damage repairs or reconstructing areas damaged by the fire. In the case of a fire. Some parts of a house may be irreparable, meaning they will have to be completely torn down and built back up as new materials. That means a fire restoration team may have to rebuild and replace the following:

  • Roofing

  • Electrical systems

  • Replacing and painting drywall

  • Flooring materials

  • Interior counters

  • Fixtures

  • Outdoor patios/decks

Like this, a team works to restore the property to how it was prior to the fire damage.

How long does fire restoration take?

The timeline for fire restoration services depends on the severity of the damage. Roughly, fire damage restoration usually requires a couple of weeks to even a couple of months. Odor removal and sanitation can be done rather quickly.

It is the construction of parts of the structure that takes up the most time. The team you hire should give you a rough estimate of how much time will be needed after an assessment has been done.

How to find a fire damage restoration service

Selecting who you choose to restore your home after a fire is a major decision. These projects are complex and require experience, the right tools and equipment, knowledge of construction, and much more. You should look for a contractor that has the following qualities:

  • Licensing

  • Experience in working in several complex conditions

  • Experience in fire and water restoration, mold damage

  • Experience in working with insurance companies regarding damage claims

Learn More About the Fire Restoration Services at Complete Fire and Water

At Complete Fire and Water, it is our honor to be able to restore homes and structures in El Paso. If your home has recently undergone major fire or water damage, you can reach out to us today. Call us at (915) 910-4209 to get started with our services immediately.

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