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Carpet and Rug Cleaning in El Paso

Complete Fire and Water Restoration is proud to offer carpet and rug cleaning to the El Paso area. We specialize in exotic and antique carpets and rugs that need an experienced and thoughtful touch. Our history in emergency services provides a strong foundation for our highly-reviewed carpet cleaning.


What Our Cleaning Services Can Accomplish 

Our carpet cleaning services utilize solvents and techniques specially designed for delicate fiber types and tapestry designs. We focus on carpets and rugs that require special cleaning products and methods to be properly cleaned and maintained. 


Carpet cleaning offers a blend of aesthetic and health-related benefits. Aesthetically, we improve carpets by removing dirt, stubborn stains, and other small debris that can cause discoloration or dull looks. This process also keeps your home clean by removing dirt, bacteria, and more that could spread to other rooms or areas. 


For more information or to schedule your carpet or rug cleaning, contact our office today!

carpet cleaning services in El Paso

Cleaning Out Harmful Bacteria and Viruses 


Over time, we can underestimate just how dirty our carpets get. Day after day, we may spill crumbs, drops of juice, and dirt from outside that slowly change their appearance. In addition, dead skin, bacteria, and viruses from our bodies tend to get caught in our rugs and carpets over time. Our cleaning services include a thorough disinfection of your carpet in addition to cleaning out dirt and stains. 


Regular carpet cleaning is even more important if you have pets or children who may be exposed to bacteria and viruses. Our carpet cleaning team has experience cleaning and disinfecting countless high-end and exotic carpets, keeping families healthy across El Paso. 


Treating Your Rare Or Unique Carpet With Care


Even for normal carpet cleaning, your carpet cleaning team needs to be careful or they may easily damage your carpet. This is even more important for rare, exotic, and unique carpets, which an inexperienced team can easily damage. Our staff uses the utmost care when handling high-end carpets and rugs, ensuring carpets are always in pristine condition after cleaning. 


Contact Us Today To Revive Your Carpet! 


If you have a unique carpet or rug that requires cleaning, then our team at Complete Fire and Water Restoration would be happy to help. We have a reputation for quality work and would love to work with you and your carpet or rug. Contact us today to schedule your carpet or rug cleaning! 

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