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Smoke Damage Restoration for El Paso Homeowners

One of the most common types of home emergency are fires, and they can be especially frequent in El Paso. For most, the focus after a fire is to fix any damages from the fire itself and restore the home. While this is necessary of course, it can overlook another aspect of fire damages that often goes overlooked: smoke damage. 
At Complete Fire & Water Restoration, we offer both fire damage restoration and smoke damage restoration so clients can fully move past the incident. Our smoke damage restoration services utilize proven products and methods to remedy all types of smoke damage. If you are dealing with smoke damage and need a professional touch, our team would love to work with you today!


Types Of Smoke Damage
It may surprise some to know that not all types of smoke damage are the same. The types of smoke damage can vary based on the fuel, temperature of the fire, and other factors. Generally, smoke damage can be broken down into three main categories:

  • Dry smoke: Dry smoke occurs when wood, paper, or other such materials are primarily burned in the fire. This type of smoke is easiest to deal with on average, leaving a powdery substance on surfaces. However, this kind of smoke can easily get into certain kinds of surfaces, which can mean the smell lingers until properly treated.


  • Wet smoke: Wet smoke damage is largely caused by smoldering fires that involve plastic, rubber, or another similar material. Even with low heat, it may cause strong, thick smoke and black soot that can easily coat whatever it comes into contact with. This type can be difficult to remove without a professional touch and equipment.

  • Protein residue: This type of smoke damage is the most common type in kitchen fires. It generally comes from low-temp fires and leaves small amounts of smoke and soot, among other things. It can leave some discoloration on some surfaces that can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. It typically has a strong smell that may permeate the whole home. 


  • Other types of smoke: There can be another type of smoke that occurs when fuel and oil are burnt called petroleum residue, but this isn’t very common for homeowners unless a vehicle or receptacle with gasoline is burned. This is an especially difficult and costly type of smoke to clean, but it is thankfully rare compared to the other types of smoke damage we have mentioned. 

Common Areas We Can Restore 

Smoke damage restoration can be done in any area of your home or commercial property, but there are some areas that are more prone to smoke damage than others. 
Some of the most common areas that we service include the following: 

  • Kitchen

  • Garage 

  • Laundry room

  • Areas with appliances (computers, high-power lighting, etc.)

Though these are the most common areas we see fires, we will work in any area that has been affected by fire and smoke. 

How Smoke Damage Restoration Helps You

Smoke damage restoration is an important part of moving past a fire because it gets rid of one of the most pervasive aspects of a fire disaster. Smoke odors and discoloring can often linger and be a reminder of the fire long after the incident, and can even permanently damage your walls, carpet, or household items. Smelling or seeing smoke damage simply isn’t pleasant, so our team uses chemicals and equipment to address every aspect of smoke damage we can. 
If you or someone you know has recently sustained fire and smoke damage, don’t wait to call for professional restoration! The longer you wait, the harder it could become to fully clean the affected areas. In some cases, waiting too long can lead to permanent damage which can mean more costly repairs.


We Work With Insurance! 

Dealing with smoke damage but don’t think you can afford the out-of-pocket costs? Don’t fret! Our team works with most major types of insurance, allowing you to work with your insurance and pay a price that better fits your budget. 


Smoke Damage FAQs

How long does smoke damage last?

Unfortunately, smoke damage does not naturally go away once it happens. In fact, waiting a while for smoke damage to go away can actually make it worse. This is because some smoke damage can actually be reversed when addressed quickly, but may become permanent when allowed to sit for days or weeks. 

How will I know I have smoke damage? 

Smoke damage can have many signs, like smoky furniture and clothing, yellowing paint, visible soot, and other signs. You will likely also smell smoke whenever you are near smoke-damaged materials. 

Our Team Is Here to Help You Move Past Smoke Damage!

Smoke damage can be a constant reminder that a fire occurred in your home, but our team of professionals can help you finally move on with smoke damage restoration. To learn more about the process and how we do it, please contact our team today via phone or email for more info! 

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