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High-End Carpet Cleaning in El Paso

Safe, Careful Cleaning Service for Rare & Exotic Carpets

Carpets are wonderful accent pieces that can tie together a room and give it a sense of personality, time, and space. While many carpets are high-quality, there are some especially rare and exotic carpets that need a professional touch to clean. At Complete Fire & Water Restoration, we leverage our cleaning expertise to safely and carefully clean prized, unique carpets and rugs across the El Paso area. 

How We Clean Rare & Exotic Carpets

For finer, more delicate carpets, we inspect the material used in the carpet and avoid using any chemicals that may react negatively to the material. We dry dust carpets rugs to remove dust particles in the fibers. Depending on the type of rug, we may also soak the rug to further remove dust, dirt, and other contaminants. 


In addition, our team will also use gentle vacuuming, brushing, and drying methods to avoid damaging or removing any fibers. This includes the full spectrum of rugs and carpets, from small handwoven rugs to massive Persian rugs. 

Do I Need Special Carpet & Rug Cleaning?

If you have a special, rare, or exotic carpet, then you will greatly benefit from our specialty cleaning services. We are able to clean the full spectrum of rugs and carpets, including but not limited to the following: 


  • Natural

  • Oriental

  • Persian, Turkish, Moroccan

  • Tapestries

  • Hand-Knotted

  • Handwoven

  • Shag

  • Wool

  • Nylon/Polyester

  • Silk

  • Cotton


Don’t see the type of rug or carpet that you own here? Simply give us a call to see if we can still help you! 

carpet cleaning services in El Paso

Rare Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Are you able to clean any rug or carpet? 

Yes! Our team is able to clean the vast majority of rugs and carpets. 


Why can’t normal cleaning methods be used for rare and exotic carpets/rugs?

Rare and exotic carpets and rugs may need different cleaning methods for a variety of reasons. Mainly, though, it is because the material and construction of these rugs and carpets do not mesh well with conventional carpet cleaning methods. Certain materials can’t be exposed to certain chemicals, dusting, or drying methods without risking damage.


Let The Pros Clean Your Rare Rug Or Carpet Today! 


When it comes to rare, exotic rugs and carpets, it’s important to only let the pros clean and care for them. Our team at Complete Fire & Water Restoration has the skills and touch to deal with even the most delicate designs and fabrics. To learn more about our process and pricing, please contact our team today!

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