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10 Frequently Asked Questions About Water Damage and Removal Services

If you have never experienced water damage in your home or business before, sure enough, you have plenty of questions. The professionals at Complete Fore and Water have worked on several kinds of damage and restoration projects, meaning we are here to answer every and any question you may have. We list out the top 10 frequently asked questions to give you the answers you’re looking for right away.

Are there different kinds of water or water damage?

There are three kinds of water that can damage a home, all of which accompany flooding. There is clean water, which is usually an overflowing sink or busted appliance that poses no major risk. There is greywater, which can cause illness because it contains chemicals and physical or biological contamination. Last, there is black water, which can cause severe illnesses due to pathogens found in the water.

What are common signs of water damage?

There are signs to be aware of even if your home has not experienced significant flooding. Signs include peeling paint or wallpaper, visible mold, moisture and condensation, musty odors, and damp or wet carpets.

If I have found a water leak, what should I do?

If you suspect a leak in your home, there is always a cause. Some signs that indicate a leak include a dripping faucet, a high utility bill, and an unusual smell in the bathroom. The faster a leak is discovered, the easier it will be to work with it. Leaks can become water damage if left unattended, which is why you should have a professional take a look right away.

How can flooding and water damage affect the infrastructure of my home or business?

There are many ways water and flooding can damage your property. It can cause drywall to sag and disintegrate. Wood structures can swell, carpets can become permanently ruined, and water can short-out electrical systems if they are in reach. If your home has recently experienced flooding, contact a company immediately.

Can I clean up and dry the damage myself?

Mopping and collecting water is okay but if water has flooded a large portion of your home, you won’t be able to work with the water that you cannot see. Water can become hidden between walls and under the floors, which is why working with a professional is absolutely crucial in these situations.

How long can it take to remove water from my home or business?

The amount it takes to clean and remove water from a property depends. It depends on how much water is in your home and how much it is has damaged. Completely drying property is another thing to think about in addition to water removal, meaning it could take more time.

Do I have to leave my property while it is being restored?

If the damage does not require too much reconstruction or restoration, you and your family may be able to stay in your home. However, it is important to be aware of the equipment that a team will be using, causing noise and distractions. If the bathrooms, kitchen, or office area were damaged, you can check with your insurance company to see if they offer alternate living expenses.

If I file a claim, do I have to wait for an adjuster to come out before getting water damage services?

If a storm or other calamity flooded your home, it is usually recommended to call your insurance company before calling water damage and restoration services. By calling your insurance company, they will assess how much of the damage can be covered, meaning you may not have to pay for the damage in total.

How much will water damage cleanup cost?

The answer to this question will always vary on the severity of the cleanup. Although, a team should be able to explain overall costs and justifications for the fees. If you go through your insurance for flood damage, you may only be responsible for the deductible. Nevertheless, the cost of the project may vary.

Can my furniture be salvaged if it got wet?

Most of the time, furniture can be saved and restored. However, this can also depend on the severity of water damage. Sometimes, furniture can be damaged by water to the point where it cannot be salvaged. A professional will let you know whether your furniture can be restored and will use techniques to repair your personal belongings, if possible.

Call Complete Fire and Water for Assistance

If your home has recently undergone flooding or any kind of water damage, our professionals are ready to help you. We can perform a variety of services to completely restore your home. Contact us today to get started with our services.

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